Different Features You Will Find in Animal Teeth – Compare To Human Teeth

To human beings, beautiful teeth are big asset. And flashing a perfect set of teeth when you smile makes you very attractive. Because of technology and science, the teeth of men can be made beautiful – something that cannot be done to animal teeth.
Animals have different classifications – some are mammals, others are reptiles and fish and there are crustaceans and insects. As the animals vary in species, they can have different kinds of teeth. In some animals, they can be hidden or they can be very visible; they can grow and be replaced by new teeth or with just holes and no teeth. In some animals they grow continuously. All in all, animal teeth are way different from human teeth.
But then, there is one big common denominator between animal teeth and human teeth. Despite the difference in shapes and sizes, teeth have the same function. These are used for breaking the foods for proper consumption.

Sharp and pointed type of animal teeth

There are animal teeth that are sharp and pointed and these teeth are in the mouths of the animals because these are used to rip and tear the foods that go into the mouth. Animal teeth also have the kinds that humans possess – the incisors, canine, premolars and molars. These four types may not be present in all animals and the animal’s kind of teeth is dependent on the foods that they have to eat.
The animal’s incisor teeth are used to cut the foods whereas the canines are for pulling the food into the animal’s mouth. These are the kinds of teeth that carnivores (meat eaters) animals have. These kinds of animal teeth help in tearing the flesh of the prey. The teeth of the sharks are all of the same size and shape and they are growing continuously; every time a tooth is lost, a new one comes out in its stead.
animal teeth

Flat type of animal teeth

Animals have flat teeth and these function for the gnawing and chewing of foods. This kind of animal teeth is common to herbivores animals. The large fattened teeth are used for breaking the stems and parts of the plants that they eat. Horses, deer, cows and more are examples of herbivores.
We have omnivores – animals that eat both plants and animals. Omnivore animals have a combination of the sharp pointed and flat teeth. The animal teeth are used for the ripping, tearing and grinding of the animals’ food.

Animal teeth versus human teeth

Humans eat both plants and animals such that they should have teeth that belong to omnivores. Humans have two sets of teeth – the milk teeth and the permanent teeth. The set of teeth of men consist of incisors, canines, premolars and molars.

The incisors are situated in the front of the mouth and the function of these is to slice and cut the food. The canines are also called cuspids. These are sharp and long whose function is to tear foods. The molars are situated at the back of the mouth and they are for crushing and grinding of foods.
Animal teeth have different sizes and shapes and they can be pointed or flat, depending if they are herbivorous or carnivorous. The omnivorous types which eat both plants and animals grow a set of teeth that is a combination of the flat and the pointed. Although human teeth perform the same function as animal teeth, they can be different in many aspects.

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